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Productivity1000 (Stackable Micro PLC)

Programmable logic controllers have to reliably execute the many logic operations and communication requests that modern day industries require. The Productivity1000 PLC provides the communication, user-friendly programming, integrated data storage, and super-compact size needed for many of today's industrial automation projects.

  • AC I/O (Relay Outputs)

    AC I/O (Relay Outputs)

    PLC relay output modules can control DC or AC voltage-rated (6-24 VDC/6-240 VAC) devices, such as power relays, pumps, motor starters and contactors. ...

  • Analog I/O

    Analog I/O

    PLC analog I/O modules supply the values needed for precision control of a process including level, flow, and pressure data. Analog I/O signals are ge...

  • CPUs


    Controller CPUs contain the processing, memory and I/O interface needed in an automated control system. The Productivity1000 CPU provides multiple com...

  • DC & Combo I/O

    DC & Combo I/O

    PLC discrete DC I/O modules allow monitoring and control of ON/OFF signals and devices that switch DC power, such as limit switches and other sensors,...

  • Power Supplies

    Power Supplies

    PLC power supplies provide the DC power needed for proper operation. The Productivity1000 AC/DC power supply is available with a 120-240 VAC or 125VDC...

  • Spare Parts & Specialty Items

    Spare Parts & Specialty Items

    Spare parts for the Productivity1000 PLC include I/O module terminal blocks (spring or clamp) and microSD cards.

  • Specialty Modules

    Specialty Modules

    The Productivity1000 input simulator module provides eight toggle switches for manual generation of ON/OFF input signals to simulate field device oper...

  • ZIPLink Wiring Solutions

    ZIPLink Wiring Solutions

    The ZIPLink connection module and cable system eliminates the tedious process of wiring PLC I/O to terminal blocks. ZIPLinks can provide tremendous wi...